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Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) Verified Partner

Deskripsi / Persyaratan

Phased Arrays provide high speed electronic scanning inspection capabilities through software control of beam characteristics, inspection with multiple angles with a single electronically controlled probe and many configurations. The Phased Arrays technique can be used for the following applications: raw material production, aircraft, naval, power generation, petrochemical and anything else that currently applies A-scan testing. This course is orientated towards level 2 UT/W inspectors.


·         Acquaintance with the relevant equipment

·         Calibration of Phased Arrays instrument and checks

·         Location and assessment of discontinuities

·         Report


·         Principles of phased array probes

·         Principles of inspection sensitivity

·         Phased Array instrument

·         Scanning with phased array probes

·         Procedures for verification of flaw existence and position

·         Relevant standards

·         Reporting method

·         Material technology

·         Defect location and sizing methods

·         Assessment of discontinuities


With the completion of the training the candidate can sit the examinations for certification according to SNT-TC-1A. Training and Examinations shall be done in English only.


80 Hours

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